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Chapter Two: The Aquaphobic Gundam</i>

The Gundam sat up stunned for a moment. She looked around, her big green and blue eyes flickering, still in shock. ‘Huh… where am I?’ She spotted Grappler and Zapper, a little frightened by the strangers. ‘And who are you!?’

‘The question is,’ Zapper replied, ‘who are you? And where do you come from?’

‘My name is Sora Sokudo… I’m a Sergeant in the Royal Ebonite Sky Force…’ The little Gundam said glumly; she drooped her head, as though recalling something very sad.

‘What are those?’ Zapper asked, pointing to some tubular appendages attached to her back.

‘These…?’ Sora asked as though that was a stupid question. ‘Those are my thrusters. That’s what allows me to fly. Although… I don’t know if they’re working at the moment. I don’t even know how I managed to re-boot…’

‘That makes two Gundams that are flyers…’ Grappler muttered thoughtfully. ‘We may have an advantage over them now…’

As though something bit her on the bottom, Sora jumped up onto her feet and was looking around warily. Out of (apparently) no where, two SMGs appeared in Sora’s hands; she was acting very defensive.

‘Whoa! What’s got you all upset? And where did you get those!’ Grappler pointed at Sora’s weapons. ‘Put them away!’

‘No!’ Sora growled. ‘Not if he’s around here somewhere…’

‘I thought that device was supposed to make her listen to our commands or something…’ Zapper whispered. ‘Where’s the instructions…’

Grappler Shrugged, not sure why the Gundam wasn’t controllable. He turned back towards Sora. ‘Who’s “he”?’

‘You said “that makes two Gundam flyers”… who’s the other flyer?’ Sora asked, not answering Grappler’s question.

Gouf was getting annoyed. ‘Zapper, what’s the instructions say! And girl, this other flyer I’m talking of is named “Guneagle” – he’s not around here though, he’s in another dimension. He’s our enemy. If you ever meet him, beat the crap out of him!’

‘Oh phew…’ Sora relaxed, and her SMGs dematerialised. ‘That’s not who I thought it was then.’

Zapper Zaku looked at Sora and jumped back a little. ‘Oh my God Gouf! You’re right! It is a girl Gundam!’

‘What, and you didn’t notice?’ Gouf replied sarcastically. ‘Of course she’s a girl; can you imagine Captain Gundam running around with that armour? He’d look like a total pansy!’

Sora was looking very angry; however, she was a little confused as to whether she should take the comments as insults or a compliment. ‘Who’s this Captain Gundam fellow?’ she asked, a little sternly.

‘Oh, er, he’s the main guy we want to pulverise – he’s ruined all our plans except one.’ Gouf replied.

‘Well isn’t he mean!’ Sora said nodding. ‘How mean to ruin all your plans indeed!’

Zapper was taking a look at the instructions to the device. ‘Gouf, read this!’

Gouf looked at where Zapper was pointing on the instructions. ‘Step three: use the remote control to activate the command-control over the robot. The robot will go into attack mode. Warning: some what glitchy. But where’s the controller?’

Zapper shrugged. ‘How should I know? Do I look like I know where it is?’

‘What’s that?’ Sora asked, pointing to the instructions.

‘Uh!’ Zapper quickly put the instruction behind his back. ‘Just… instructions for the Coffee machine!’

‘You drink coffee here?’ Sora looked funnily at the Zako Commandos. ‘You look more like the tea type. What the… holy crud! Get this thing off me!’

Sora saw the device that was attached to her core, and went ballistic; she didn’t know what it was, but it scared her. She fell backwards off the bench in panic. She tried to stop her fall by flying, but her thrusters were clogged, and chunks of cement burst out, flying across the room and smashing open the fire emergency panel, causing the alarms and sprinklers to turn on.

To say things got worse was an understatement. As soon as the water from the sprinklers touched Sora, she went absolutely nuts and out of control. ‘Oh my god! Water! WATER! Get it away from me! Holy crap, I’m getting covered in WAAATEEER!’

Benches went flying, equipment got smashed, as Sora ran / flew around trying to get away from the water. Eventually, she smashed through one of the doors and disappeared (yelling and screaming) down the hall. She went as ballistic as a cat who just got tossed into a ring of dogs.

Zapper Zaku and Grappler Gouf just stood stunned, and wet. The sprinklers were still going, and the alarms were still blaring.

Zapper scratched his butt. ‘Uuuuh…’
Gouf just stood there. ‘… crap.’

Sora headed as fast as she could away from the laboratory, where the water sprinklers had soaked her. She didn’t exactly know where she was going or what she would do, but she was sure of one thing: she would avoid the labs like the plague!

After bowling over a group of Zako soldiers who were in her way, and running all over the place, she accidentally ploughed into a much larger robot.

Sora was knocked backwards by the robot, who had no doubt seen her coming, and swatted her like a fly. ‘Watch where you’re going, you insolent thing!’ it growled.

Sora was sitting on her butt; she looked up, and saw the angry sounding robot. It was definitely a he, by the way it talked and sounded. It didn’t look like any of the other robot Sora had seen so far; it was black, and had a visor over its one red optic. Sora noticed that the robots around the ship seemed to have only one optic; she suspected they were different from Gundams. The robot had wing-like shoulders, and missile pods on his back. Although he looked rather chunky, he was tall. When Sora stood up, she didn’t even reach his chin.

‘I’m sorry…’ she apologised.

‘Who the hell do you think you are, running into me!’ He growled angrily. ‘I’m Black Doga, the Chief Commander of the Doga Elites!’

‘I said I was sorry, you lug nut!’ Sora snapped back.

‘How dare you!’ The Doga yelled back. ‘I’m going to punish you for your insolence!’

Black Doga lifted one arm, aiming a gun at Sora. In response, Sora brought out her own weapons. Two SMGs materialised into her hands just like they did in the labs.

‘Where’d those come from?’ Black Doga asked astonished. ‘Oh well, doesn’t matter, those won’t hurt me… but I will hurt you!’

‘Stop!’ Someone yelled. Black Doga looked behind Sora, to see Grappler Gouf and Zapper Zaku running towards the pair. ‘Don’t hurt her!’ Grappler yelled out. ‘Er, don’t hurt her, sir!’ he corrected himself.

Sora was over whelmed by the apparent kindness that Zapper and Gouf had shown her; her eyes went all bubbly and shiny (those dang anime puppy eyes!) as she turned around. ‘Somebody cares for me!’ She said, her SMGs disappearing as she clasped her hands together.

Next thing they knew, Grappler and Zapper were being hugged by a semi-short, blue, self-stupefying, female Gundam whom seemed like a bit of a ditz.

Black Doga laughed at the two Zako Commandos; Zapper and Gouf reacted like Sora was something gross.

‘Eeew, get her off me! Sora! Stop it!’ Zapper whinged, trying to pry Sora off himself and Gouf.
Gouf stood stunned, with his arms half-raised, and twitching. When Sora stood on her tippy-toes, her mouth guard open and gave him a kiss on the cheek, he went nuts, and fainted on the floor with a swirl in his eye, and completely grossed out.

Sora was to preoccupied to give Zapper a ‘thankyou’ peck on the cheek. She stood over Grappler perplexed. ‘What happened? Did he short circuit?’

Zapper laughed to himself at Gouf’s misfortune. ‘Ha, don’t worry about him kid; he’s fine; just a little… overwhelmed by today’s “events”. Anyway, come with me kid, the boss wants to see you. Just don’t try and kiss me, or I’ll weld your face shut.’

Sora didn’t object; she wasn’t worried anymore, and ignored Zapper’s rude comment. However, just as they were about to walk off, Black Doga growled at them. ‘If that stupid robot crosses me again, it’ll be scrap…’

‘If you scrap her,’ Zapper replied, ‘You’ll have Sazabi to deal with, sir.’

Zapper walked off, one hand gripped on Sora’s arm. Grappler was awakened, and quickly followed up behind the pair.

‘Who’s Wasabi?’ Sora asked.

Zapper explained. ‘His name is Sazabi and he’s our Commander; he runs this here Dark Axis base, and he has a bad temper kid; so don’t go playing up and annoying him.’

Sora looked sideways at Zapper her. ‘So he’s a grump, huh?’

‘Ssh!’ Gouf hushed Sora. ‘Don’t say that, do you like being in one piece!?’

Zapper looked at Sora seriously. ‘Just… don’t… talk. When we get to Sazabi’s office, keep your mouth closed.’

‘What’s your names again…?’ Sora asked, feeling a little nervous now.
‘I’m Lord Zapper Zaku, and that wanna-be behind us is Gouf.’ Zapper replied.
‘That’s LORD Grappler Gouf!’ Gouf chided Zapper. ‘What’s your name again Gundam?’
‘My name is Sora Sokudo, stupid. I’ve already told you that!’ Sora looked away from Gouf, offended.
‘Geez, no need to get all poopy on me.’ Gouf mumbled. ‘Frikkin girls, they think they’re everything. This is exactly why there’s hardly any female Zakos here!’

Sora looked around and glared at Gouf. ‘What did you say?’
‘Nothing!’ Gouf lied.

Sora was still suspicious, but she turned her head back around and started a conversation with Zapper as he led her to Sazabi’s office. ‘So, Zapper, do you have any hobbies?’ Sora asked.
‘Er… well… does bossing soldiers around count?’
‘Nope.’ Sora replied, with her eyes in that “happy smile” look. ‘C’mon, you must have something you do in your spare time.’

Gouf stifled a laugh, and Sora turned her head around. ‘What’s funny Gouf? Do you know something funny…?’ Sora looked at Zapper deviously. ‘I have a feeling Gouf knows something incriminating about you, Zapper…’
Zapper, obviously highly embarrassed about something, also turned around; however, he went of his trolley at Gouf. ‘Don’t even say a word Gouf, or I’ll tell everybody something about you!’

Sora was now intrigued. ‘Gouf, if you tell me, I promise I’ll make you a hundred rice balls!’
Gouf looked almost like he was going to agree, but Zapper went even more ballistic. ‘I swear Gouf if you tell her I’ll let everyone know you watch the Teletubies!’

It took Zapper a second to realise what he said; he then shrunk under Gouf’s wrath. ‘You IDIOT! Watch what you blab! Just for that, I’m telling the whole Dark Axis what you do in your spare time…’ Gouf breathed in then yelled at the top of his lungs, ‘Zapper Zaku Plays with BAAAARBIE DOOOLLS!’

Sora was still stunned from the revelation that Gouf watches a (some-what twisted) children’s program, but fell over and laughed so hard she put dints in the floor with her flailing fists. ‘You play with… heh! Heh! BARBIES!!’

Several Zakos who were in the vicinity formed sweat drops on their heads. I doubt that they would ever look at Gouf and Zapper the same way ever again…

‘And those guys are the representatives of Dark Axis, when they go to raid a planet, Zako? No wonder Neotopians think we’re retarded.’ The Zakos hurried away before Gouf or Zapper could beat the living daylights out of them – not that they would, since Gouf and Zapper were suddenly so busy beating each other up while Sora practically wet herself laughing (not that she really could, mind you).

Grappler Gouf, who was a better close-quarters fighter, was whopping Zapper a good one (both slinging profanities at the top of their lungs), when a larger, red robot approached. He was extremely chunky, and Sora felt intimidated until it’s one eye looked gleeful and he danced over to Zapper and Gouf, saying ‘Wee hee!’ and belly-flopped on top of Gouf and Zapper, squashing them.

‘Ha! Ha! Dom beat you both! Heh! Heh!’ The red robot sang out.
‘Dom,’ Gouf wheezed. ‘Get off us before I stick my claws into your butt!’
The big robot stood up. ‘Dom’s stronger than Gouf and Zapper put together! Dom so cool!’

Sora decided that, however strong or cool Dom may have been, he lacked the mental capacity to go with it.

Dom didn’t notice Sora at first, until she stood up and shook the dust off herself. ‘Who’s da pwidy robot?’ he asked, making Sora blush.

Sora also decided that, no matter how thick this robot appeared to be, he at least had better manners that either Zapper Zaku or Grappler Gouf.

‘Why, thank you Mr. Dom,’ Sora said, politely bowing to him. ‘My name is Sora Sokudo, and I can see you’re much nicer than those two lug-nuts.’ She pointed her thumb at the other two.
‘You don’t look like a Zako,’ Dom said, looking down at her. ‘Are you a new robot?’

Before Sora could reply, Gouf answered Dom’s question. ‘That there is a Gundam, Destroyer Dom, but don’t kill her; she’s on our side, and or Commander Sazabi wants to see her.’
‘Dom no hurt Sora; Sora nice Gundam!’ Dom said cheerfully.
Sora was very glad Dom didn’t want to kill her.

Zapper walked across to Sora and pulled her by an arm. ‘Good for you Dom; we gotta get going now, so we’ll se you later back at home.’
‘By Dezy Dom!’ Sora waved good-bye. ‘I’ll try and see you later as well!’
‘Bye Sora! Heh heh,’ Dom waved back, then walked off.

Zapper, Gouf and Sora reached Sazabi’s office not long after meeting Destroyer Dom. They were on the very top of the ship; a large door opened, and Zapper and Gouf snapped to attention.

At the other end of the room was a large, red robot; he had one eye, like the others around the ship, and huge thrusters on his back. He looked rather mean.

‘Is this Wasabi?’ Sora asked Gouf.
‘Shut up kid, this is Commander Sazabi!’
Sora didn’t like being told to shut up, so she kicked Gouf in the leg.
Gouf was disturbed from his attention position, and was jumping on one leg. ‘Ouch! What did you do that for!’

‘Silence!’ The Commander shouted angrily. ‘Gouf, you fool, what are you doing!’
‘The Gundam kicked me in the leg!’ Gouf complained.
The Commander didn’t seem to give a crap what Sora had done. ‘So it’s working, good. If it wasn’t… I would have punished you both!’ He said to the two Zako leaders.

Sazabi looked down at Sora; his one eye observing her. ‘What’s you name?’ he asked, not so kindly.

Sora felt nervous around Sazabi; she couldn’t feel an ounce of kindness from him, and he stood much taller than herself. ‘My name’s Sora Sokudo,’ she replied.
Sazabi seemed to think about this for a moment, and then asked another question. ‘What were you doing, fighting that larger Gundam?’

The memory of the fight made Sora become agitated; Zapper and Gouf could even tell she was upset about it. ‘That is none of your business.’ She replied.

‘I could have you torn apart where you stand for saying that to me!’ Sazabi yelled angrily. ‘Stupid Gundam! You’ll answer every question I ask you! Tell me who that Gundam was you were fighting!’

Sora looked fidgeted under Sazabi’s angry glare. ‘He… he was my brother…’ she managed to squeak.

‘Sir, I –’ Gouf tried to speak, but Sazabi told him to shut up.

‘So, Sora…’ Sazabi said sleekly, but not sympathetically. ‘Your brother, what was his name?’

Sora tore her eyes from the ground and looked to her right in thought. ‘His name… I… I can’t remember it.’ She said seriously. ‘I really can’t remember it… how odd. My system must be more damaged than I had realised.’

Sazabi looked at Sora suspiciously, but seemed to notice she wasn’t lying. He asked her other questions instead.

‘Where do you come from?’
‘I don’t know.’
‘What was that place you were fighting at?’
‘It was some sort of machine, I think… but we didn’t actually know its’ purpose, or what it was.’
‘Have you met someone called Captain Gundam?’
‘Uh, no.’
‘What’s that giant orb?’

Sora looked at her belly, where Sazabi was pointing to her purple node. ‘That’s my central core,’ she said.
‘What does it do?’

Sora wasn’t sure if it was a good idea to tell Sazabi what the central core was capable of; it was her life-force, where her gunsoul resided (so it was said). It was also highly advanced alien technology (alien to the Dark Axis and Neotopia, at any rate), which could shrink and de-fragment almost anything to fit into sub-atomic storage nodes on her arms, or, in the main orb itself.

‘I can’t remember, I must have damaged my memory during the fight.’ Sora lied. ‘All I know is that it is very important.’

Sazabi looked at her suspiciously, but decided not to ask any further questions. ‘Well,’ he said, ‘We’ll just have to get your memory back, won’t we?’
This is chapter 2 in my SDGF fan fic, which I haven't touched in quite some time. I'd actually thought this chapter had been put on DA, but it seems not, so, here it is ;P

Anyway, during this chapter, Sora finds herself meeting with the evil Sazabi, and has an bad encounter with a brute Doga: Black Doga, the Chief Commander of the Doga Elites!

Find Chapter 1 part 1 here: [link]
Find Chapter 1 part 2 here: [link]
And you can find a detailed picture of Sora here: [link]
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